Most children in Norway attend a nursery before beginning school. In a nursery children are able to play and learn together with other children, under safe supervision. Children who do not have Norwegian as their first language improve their Norwegian quickly at a nursery, and develop a good basis for continued learning and preparation for school. 

Care, play and learning in the nursery

A nursery is both a place for the care of young children, but also an educational facility where the focus is on learning. In the nursery children experience fun, friendship and social interaction in a safe and secure environment. The nursery shall provide an environment which helps children to learn, develop and to be active. Children shall learn the following, amongst other things:

  • Communication, spoken and written 
  • The body and health 
  • Art, culture and creativity 
  • Nature and the environment
  • Ethics, religion and morality
  • The local community and society
  • Numbers, shapes and size

Payment and organisation

We have both public and private nurseries in Haram. They are funded by the municipality and through payments from parents. Many children start in nursery around the age of one, and remain until they start at school. Please contact your municipality to obtain more information about the nurseries where you live.
Look for a nursery online at www.haram.kommune.no


Meals are an important part of the daily routine in all nurseries. The meals that a child eats at the nursery represent a large part of his or her entire daily diet. This is true whether the food is brought from home or if the nursery prepares it.  The nursery is a place for children to grow and develop and where they learn good habits. As a result it is important that the focus is on healthy and nutritious food.  If your child has any special needs with regard to food and diet, you should advise the nursery.

Your role as parents

In order for your child to gain the most benefit from a nursery, it is essential that you have good communication and cooperation with the nursery. You should keep informed about what is happening at the nursery, and participate in the various arrangements such as parent meetings etc. Always ask questions of the nursery if there is anything  that you need to know or of which you are uncertain. 

Important things to remember when your child is in a nursery

  • In Norway the children are outside a lot. It is very important that your child has good appropriate clothes for the Norwegian climate.
  • Nurseries want all parents to keep themselves informed about what is happening at the nursery and that you ask questions of the persons working at the nursery if there is anything you are unsure of.
  • In order for children to feel safe and happy at a nursery, it is important that parents help the children to adapt during their first days at the nursery. Remember to register your child at the clinic ("helsestasjonen"), so that their health is regularly followed up.
  • In Norway, it is normal for children to be invited to birthday parties. Participation in birthday parties or other activities helps to expand the child's social network.
  • By participating in these soial activities with your child, you also gain the opportunity to expand your social contacts and to practice your Norwegian.

Good advice

When you first arrive in Haram, usually you do not have family or friends in the area. In this situation it is possible you may need someone to assist you if you need help, for example if a family member becomes sick and you do not know what to do.  As a result, we strongly advise that you go out and establish contacts and a social network as a priority, and for example find someone who can act as a babysitter.