New in Haram?

In the spring of 2015, a group of immigrants developed some good advice for you and your family on the best way to quickly become a part of the local community.
Here is what they concluded:

10 good tips

1. Learn Norwegian as quickly as possible. Take Norwegian courses and do not be afraid to try speaking to people.
2. Try to get a job or unpaid employment as soon as you can.
3. Get to know your neighbours and the local community.  Participate in local activities and try your Norwegian.
4. Learn the laws and rules that apply in Norway. They may differ from those in your country. Ask if you are unsure about anything.
5. Let your children participate in cultural activities and sporting events.  They are a great chance to meet people locally, make friends and learn the language.
6. Participate in local volunteer work ("dugnad") and other activities in your area. (For example the local cafe, walking tours, concerts, cinema, library and sports events).
7. Join a sports team, an organisation or a gym.
8. Make use of the local Volunteer Centre ("Frivilligsentral").
9. Be open and friendly. Speak to people you meet.
10. Get in touch with NAV, and ask them for help in finding work, studying or going on a course.

Arrival Services

Get in touch with Arrival Services through the service desk of Haram municipality, telephone 70207500.

Here you will find information about:
  • Municipal services - who does what.
  • Contact information for the various municipal services.
  • Information about the municipality's web portal for new arrivals. This provides guidance and the opportunity to ask questions.
  • The Arrivals Office will not help you directly with individual issues, but will help to put you in touch with the relevant department.

For more information, see: nyinorge.no