About Haram

Haram - A tradition for world-class team-building!

With its proud tradition of ship-building, Haram is an important part of the maritime industry in Sunnmøre. This makes its mark on the local community and the inhabitants of the area.

During the visit to Haram of Crown Prince Haakon, he made the comment "If it's made in Haram it's world-class". People in Haram have a tradition of venturing out into the world and bringing home new ideas, developing them and
creating innovations for the world market. Overseas, Brattvåg and Tennfjord for example are known for their high quality winches and steering machinery. From Thomas Longva discovering the abundant fishing grounds of Storegga to VARD with its state-of-the-art billion kroner offshore vessels, for generations people in Haram have sought new opportunities for creating value from the ocean.

The shipyards and the supply industry supporting them are the "backbone" of the community. Recruitment needs and the required expertise have created a close cooperation between schools, businesses and the international labour market. There is a long tradition of building cultural centers, sports facilities, hiking trails and roads in close cooperation between the municipality, businesses, clubs and voluntary organizations. This interaction between people and businesses creats a unique dynamic in the local community.
Among the approximately 9,000 inhabitants of Haram that we find today, there are people from more than 65 nations, and Haram has long been identified as a successful example of good integration in this country. Our ambition is to be even better!

Many from Haram travel overseas regularly with their work. This generates experience and competency in working internationally. This helps to make Haram an even better place to live for everyone. A business owner put it this way: "It provides the opportunity to live safely and enjoy the local environment, while also allowing you to work globally with excellent communications to the world overseas."
Haram has a clear ambition to be involved in the development of a strong regional presence, which can make the entire region of Sunnmøre become even stronger and more attractive as a place to live and work. The facts support our motto:

Haram - a tradition for world-class team-building!

The need for information

In June 2014 the municipality conducted a needs assessment among immigrant workers who were residents of the municipality. This survey investigated what information newcomers needed prior to moving to Haram, during their relocation and after moving to Haram. A survey was also conducted investigating what information employers and the business community felt was important to welcome and integrate overseas workers, so that they would be active participants  in the workplace and in the local community as quickly as possible. A net portal has been created using these results and mapping of the needs of the municipality and businesses in Haram has been undertaken. With the expectation that everyone who will work and live in Haram, will sooner or later learn the Norwegian language, the portal offers only information about initial priorities.

The goal of the web portal is to promote the integration and inclusion efforts of the municipality, while at the same time raising the profile of  Haram as an attractive municipality in which to live and work.

The net portal can be used by:

New residents from overseas and elsewhere in Norway

Employers and businesses in the local area

Employees at all levels throughout the municipality

Voluntary groups and organizations

Other interested parties in the region